My Japanese language class is

For you who are studying a lot but are not good at conversation.


Nowadays, there are a lot of sites, apps, and videos available that are very useful for learning languages.

It's a great time to learn a language on your own.

However, many people cannot talk no matter how much they learn words and grammar.

Why can’t you talk in Japanese?

That’s because memorizing vocabulary, grammar, and learning to read sentences is a study for a test.


Learn to use Japanese, not just know it!

Not only will you learn grammar, but you will also be able to have conversations using those grammars in class.

You will be able to use the vocabulary and grammar you know in conversations.

Don't give up on learning Japanese.

Even if you learn in a very short time, you can improve your Japanese.

The 4-month program is available.


Conversation Class

What you can do in 4 months?

Super Beginner 

I want to start with 「あいうえお」.

<Goal: To learn basic grammars>

Goal achieved (after 4 months)

I can communicate in Japanese

using words such as "like" and "dislike". 


I don't have any problems with the Japanese test,

but I'm not good at speaking.

<Goal: To get confidence in your conversations>

Goal achieved (after 4 months)

I can express my feelings in Japanese.

Intermediate & Advanced level  

I know grammar such as 


「intransitive verb・transitive verb」,

 but I can’t use it in conversation.

<Goal: To improve expressiveness with accurate grammar>

Goal achieved (after 4 months)

I can use the grammar I know in conversation naturally. 

JLPT Class

 It's a waste of time to study just for the test!
 While preparing for the JLPT, you will also improve your Japanese conversation.


I use the "image lesson method" that increases the number of Japanese words you can use in my class.

What is the “image lesson method”? 

・You will learn the rules and usage of Japanese so that you can use Japanese words without memorizing them.

・You can express your feelings better in Japanese because you learn the sense of Japanese words.

・You will learn the rules of Japanese Haku and rhythm, so your pronunciation will become more beautiful.

・We talk a lot in class. You can talk a lot even in the first class of the super beginner level.



Japanese personal trainer

すとう まき

Sutou Maki

Nice to meet you!
My name is Maki, I’m a Japanese personal trainer.
After completing the Japanese language teacher training course, I worked as a Japanese language teacher assistant at a high school in New Zealand.​
Soon after that, I taught at a Japanese language school in Australia.
I am now a quality control analyst for pharmaceuticals and food products during the day and a Japanese personal trainer at night.


*Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology(Tokushima University 2001)

*private tutoring school (2002)

*EII Japanese teacher training course (2003)

*Japanese teaching staff as a volunteer at Kobe International Center for Cooperation and


*Kelston Boys High School in New Zealand (Assistant teacher) (2003)

*JABLI Intercultural Center in Australia (2004)

*Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (2019)

*Mental Care Psychologist (2021)

Original curriculum

① We set our own goal every four months.

You can achieve one goal in 16 lessons per 4 months.

You can feel the progress of Japanese conversation by accumulating goals.

② Change "I know Japanese" to "I can speak Japanese."

Many people are studying a lot but can't have a conversation.

Why can't you speak Japanese? Because you study for the test.

If you have a lot of words you know, you will be able to have a conversation just by changing it to "words you can use."

③ Because it is a private lesson, the lesson will be at your own pace.

・I don't want to do homework because I'm busy with my work.

・I want to take two months off because of my work.

It is possible to take a long break from class.

You can charge for the number of lessons you took at the end of the month, so there is no cancellation fee.

・I may have to cancel my class suddenly because of overtime at work.

・I only give homework to those who want to do it.

Let's take a look at the class.

Feedback from students


(アメリカ、Sさん 2020年2月~)JLPT N3合格


Cafe (in Tokushima City) 

Online (Skype, ZOOM)


Weekdays & Saturdays 

☆Lesson fee☆ 

¥3,000 /50min

Photo gallery

New Zealand

 I worked as a Japanese teaching assistant at a high school in New Zealand. I was teaching Japanese to students from Y9 to Y13. There are many people from different countries living in New Zealand. I was able to meet many people and learn many things from them. I also love the scenery of New Zealand. My friends and I drove around the South Island. When I was in New Zealand, a dance called "para-para" was popular in Japan, and some students danced the para-para for me.


 I have taught Japanese at Japanese language schools in Brisbane and Melbourne. I taught Japanese to many people ranging from 12 to 83 years old. I have also traveled a lot. I have been to the Gold Coast, Perth, Ayers Rock, Canberra, Tasmania, Sydney, and the Blue Mountains. I also met many Australian animals. It was a valuable experience for me.