Japanese personal trainer

すとう まき 

Sutou Maki

Nice to meet you!
My name is Maki, I’m a Japanese personal trainer.
After completing the Japanese language teacher training course, I worked as a Japanese language teacher assistant at a high school in New Zealand.​
Soon after that, I taught at a Japanese language school in Australia.
I am now a quality control analyst for pharmaceuticals and food products during the day and a Japanese personal trainer at night.


Teaching license

*EII Japanese teacher training course
*Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

*株式会社教育情報研究所 日本語教師養成講座3級・2級修了


*Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology(Tokushima University 2001) 

*private tutoring school (2002)

*EII Japanese teacher training course (2003) 

*Kelston Boys High School in New Zealand (Assistant teacher) (2003)

*JABLI Intercultural Center in Australia (2004)

*Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (2019)

*Mental Care Psychologist (2021)


*学習塾講師 (2002)

*株式会社教育情報研究所 日本語教師養成講座3級・2級修了(専任コース 2003)

*Kelston Boys High School in New Zealand アシスタント教師 (2003)

*JABLI Intercultural Center in Australia ブリスベン校 メルボルン校 (2004)


*メンタルケア心理士 (2021)

My favorite

❤︎ 動物が好き。特に犬。
 I love animals, especially dogs.

❤︎ 旅行

❤︎ 亀 (My pet)

My dream

★ オーロラを見る
 To see the Northern Lights

★ 英語を話せるようになりたい
 I want to speak English well.

★ 大きい犬を飼う
 I want to have a big dog.